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Multi Family Roofing

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As the owner of a multi-family housing unit in Surrey and Vancouver, you require reliable professionals who can help with your repair or installation needs. At Paragon Roofing BC, we offer timely and comprehensive service for any roofing job – from new structures to pre-existing ones!

When it comes to multi-family homes, apartments, or condos you can expect prompt and peerless service from our roofers regardless of your preferred style. We provide repair for both low slope roofs as well steep slopes so that no matter what type of building material is desired we have got them covered!

Our Apartment Roofing Services

Whether you need a new roof or are having problems with yours, Paragon Roofing BC. is your go-to full-service solution. We provide expert services in all aspects of the business and across many materials to fit any needs! Give us a call today so we can get started on your new roof construction.

Inspections and Repairs

It is important to maintain the safety and happiness of your tenants. If a storm damages their home, they are more likely than not going through something traumatic in life already so it becomes necessary for you as the landlord or property manager; this entails regular inspections with repairs whenever needed- major storms aren’t our fault but ours could compound any damage from there on out if we ignore warning signs!

Our team of Surrey roofing professionals will detect even those signs of disrepair, such as wind damage that remain invisible to the naked eye. We can then address any need for repairs in a quick and thorough manner.

Replacement & Installation

Paragon Roofing BC is a premier company that specializes in the installation of roof systems for all types and sizes of buildings. We provide quality workmanship, honest prices with excellent customer service to match! Whether you need help selecting your perfect color or material choice we can get it done right here at Paragon Roofing BC. – British Columbia’s favorite source when considering new construction projects or renovations on pre-existent multi-family homes.

Shingle Roofing

Shingles are a great choice for a variety of housing needs and styles. They offer an air that’s cozy, charming, and inviting to all who walk through your doors! Shingle roofs can be found on every type ranging from small homes up to multi-family properties with their own unique personality boosting features like shingled designs which invite coziness while being versatile enough not only to suit steep slopes but also provide straightforward maintenance requirements.

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We specialize in multi-family housing, apartment, and condo roofing across the entire Surrey, and Vancouver area so that you can count on us when it matters most!

We are experts in commercial roofing and can provide your apartment complex or condos with a brand new roof to protect your tenants from any potential storms or strong winds that can cause serious damage if your roof is not up to standard. If you have any questions about our commercial roofing services, feel free to get in touch with us today to receive your free quote!

For emergency roofing services, contact Paragon Roofing BC at (604) 358-3436or fill out our contact form online. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


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