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Why you may be having issues with your roof


Maintenance Issues
Lack of maintenance is the first reason that roofing problems occur. To prevent potential problems from developing, a professional roofing contractor should inspect your roof annually. Roof problems such as gaps, mold, or loose shingles are signs that your roof needs attention and repair.

Inherent Problems
Roof problems can also be caused by flaws in the design of the roof or the materials used. You may have problems later if your roof was built on a tight budget or with shortcuts taken.

Construction is all about quality assurance, including the roof. Ask for references and help with the restoration of your roof. It is an important part of your property.

Roofing Solutions

A qualified roofing contractor can assist you in repairing any roof problems. They will also help you plan for future roof maintenance. To begin with, consult a local roofing contractor. Next, agree to annual inspections which include a visual assessment and evaluation. This will help you detect damage or deterioration that could compromise your entire roof structure. Sub-standard roofing can cause serious damage to your investment and property.


Paragon Roofing BC. is a Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, and Surrey-based roofing company. You may not be able to fix your roofing problems, but regular roof inspections can help you save money on costly repairs over the lifetime of your roof. You can contact us anytime through our website.

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