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When is it the best time of year to re-roof your house?

Many homeowners in BC don’t have the option of choosing when to replace their roof.

No matter what season, if a storm blows trees through your roof or if snow builds up, the roof must be replaced. If your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy and you need to replace it before any damage or leaks occur (which can cause additional damage to your home), you should be able to plan ahead.


Roof replacements are very popular in spring. Home improvement projects see a significant increase in popularity as people prepare their homes for spring. Vancouver homeowners are also able to take advantage of spring’s warm weather by preparing their homes for the winter. If you have any concerns that your roof might not be able to withstand another major winter storm then it is best to replace it in the spring.

Unfortunately, British Columbia’s spring weather can be unpredictable. Rain, storms and even snow can all delay a project. Spring days are a good time to hire a roofing contractor, as they can offer plenty of daylight when the weather cooperates. Another problem with this time of the year is how busy it is. It might be more difficult to get on the schedule of a contractor in spring. This is why it is important to plan ahead and schedule your roofing projects during winter.


The summer months are busy for roofing contractors, but it is a good time to have your roof replaced in the lower mainland. To avoid heat exhaustion and damage to materials or tools, roofing crews might need to work less during the summer heat.

It is important to think about how the roof replacement will impact your outdoor space during the summer months. It is a big job and you may have workers, debris, ladders, and materials all around your house for several days or even weeks. You may be restricted from using your outdoor spaces such as your patio, yard, porch, or backyard while your roof is being repaired. This could cause you to have a restricted summer lifestyle.

If your roof is leaking or failing in other ways, you should have it replaced before the hurricane season’s peak, which occurs late summer and early autumn. Even if this means that you have to skip the pool for a few more days, it might be worth it in order to prevent further damage and expensive interior repairs.


Fall can be very busy for roofing contractors. People are busy preparing for winter and repairing storm damage. In BC, the weather can fluctuate in fall. It can be hot one day and rainy the next. There are also tropical storms constantly on the radar.

You should schedule your fall roof replacement as soon as you can. Be flexible in the event of weather emergencies that may cause delays or rescheduling. If the weather cooperates, fall offers workers a lot of work opportunities and long working days.


Many parts of Canada are unable to have their roofs replaced during winter due to freezing temperatures. To set shingles, they need thermal sealing. This can take several days or even weeks if temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Major delays can also be caused by snow and winter storms.

Extreme winter weather in British Columbia isn’t as common. Although we occasionally experience a winter nor’easter, or snow storm, this is not a major concern. Contractors are able to work through winter with little difficulty because of the mild winter temperatures. It is also a slower season for contractors so it might be easier to get on the schedule of a roofer. The other benefit is that you will likely spend less time outside your home in winter. This means that debris and work around your house is less likely to interfere with your daily activities.

All Year

Paragon Roofing BC. is available all year for roof repairs and replacements. Even if your roof isn’t due for replacement, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide an estimate to help you make informed decisions about home improvements.

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