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Vancouver Roofs Material Choices

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The Vancouver area is known for its ever-changing weather patterns. This can make it very difficult to find a roofing material that will be ideal for the Vancouver climate. That’s why Paragon Roofing BC has put together some frequently asked questions about Vancouver roofs, and what types of roofs are best suited for our climate.

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What type of material is best suited for Vancouver Roofs?

For Vancouver home owners, the best materials for roofs are those that are durable and have a long life expectancy. Vancouver is no stranger to rain, hail, heat waves and cold snaps, so it’s important that Vancouverites choose roofing material with excellent weather durability.

A Vancouver Roofing Company such as Paragon Roofing BC will chose the best asphalt shingles. The most important factor is climate and exposure, Vancouver roofs will last approximately 20 years. Certainteed and IKO branded shingles are great for those that live in coastal climates with high rainfall like Vancouver.

Certainteed is an established brand well known for shingles that are well suited for Vancouver’s climate. They build their asphalt shingle with durable materials so it becomes chip resistant, which means Vancouver homeowners can expect to see no raveling or peeling in their lifetime.

IKO is a well known name in the roofing industry and is installed on many roofs in the lower mainland. The shingles offer multiple features which are well-suited for Vancouver homes and the climate. A Vancouver Roofing Company such as Paragon Roofing BC is certified to install all the leading brands.

Asphalt shingles come in various grades as well as price ranges depending on the style and special features, the shingle can have. Paragon Roofing Vancouver BC will provide the best asphalt shingles for Vancouver homes after having a discussion with the home owner.

There are different types of roofs Vancouver homeowners can choose from are metal, cedar shake, tile and slate.

Cedar Shake is a common choice for Vancouver’s traditional style homes. These shingles are made from Western Red Cedar in cedar shake roof tiles in Vancouver. They have an excellent weather resistance, but they must be cared for properly or they’ll lose their red colouration.

Tile roofs in Vancouver usually last around 50 years with proper maintenance schedules.

Slate is also a traditional roofing material here in Vancouver that has beautiful natural colours and contours itself with Vancouver’s Northwest architecture styles especially log home design which can look stunning on newer custom homes.

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