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Vancouver Roofing Problems

Roofing Problems. How often should you check your roof? That is the million dollar question. Some say once a year, while others recommend checking it twice in order to make sure everything stays looking good and safe! The truth is, that its not one size fits all because every home could use its own set of circumstances—including weather conditions (heavy rain will irreparably damage that beautiful layer above) or other factors like aging trees which are known for causing leaks.

Lack of Maintenance

A lack of maintenance can lead to many problems with your roof, and this is especially a problem for older roofs. When planning an annual inspection or following storm events you should have someone who knows what they’re doing, take care of any issues quickly such as paragon roofing.

Improper Repairs 

The worst thing you can do is hire someone who doesn’t care about their work. They will cut corners just to get it done as quickly and cheaply possible, but in the long run this could cost more money than if they had done proper repairs from day one! Have us take care of your Roof Repair!


The warm, moist conditions in the attic can lead to a host of problems. It raises energy costs and may also cause some mold or mildew growth on walls if left unchecked for too long, adequate ventilation ensures that these dangerous levels don’t build up indefinitely. Paragon Roofing BC can help with this roofing problem.

Roof Leaks

There are any number of reasons that leaks can occur; the concern is detecting them in time and carrying out repair. No matter what type roof you have, if a leak develops there’s an issue with your home’s integrity which needs attention quickly. Some of the repair work can be found on our google page.


Moisture is the enemy of all things. You may not have a leak, but it’s still bad if you’ve got too much moisture and mold or mildew are starting to take over because those will lead them in deeper where they don’t belong – into your walls! Mold can start growing almost anywhere at anytime.

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