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What Should My Vancouver Roofing Estimate Include?

Vancouver Roofing Estimate

If you’re a homeowner in Vancouver, you know that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. A new roof can be a big investment, so it’s important to make sure that you get an accurate estimate for the work that needs to be done. So what should you expect from a Vancouver roofing estimate?

Your estimated roof replacement quote should be as specific and detailed with a line item list of everything that’s going to happen during your new roof installation.

You’ll be able to tell that we care about our customers by the end of this article. You will have a list of questions, you need answers for before signing any contracts with a roofing contractor in Vancouver, BC.

How Many Roof Layers Will be Torn Off?

If your old roof has more than one layer, be sure to mention this when hiring a contractor. The final cost will depend on how many layers are removed. The estimate can be under, if the Vancouver roofing contractor does not check the layers, due to the additional labor associated with the tear off.

The last thing you want is a contractor who doesn’t care about your home. If they can get the job done for cheaper by omitting important components like shingles, vents or gutters then it’s likely going to end up costing more in repairs later on down the road when things go wrong because there was no prior inspection before work began! Your best bet would be finding someone reputable locally like Paragon Roofing BC.

Protection During Roof Replacement

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A good roofer will not only boast about their great work, but also the precautions they have taken to protect your property. They should list any special equipment or materials that will be used onsite during the roof replacement and that it is included in the pricing.

What About the Roof Deck?

It can be hard to see your roof’s decking until the old one is torn off, but you should make sure that there is an item in writing about how much it would cost per sheet, if rotten wood was found. Some contractors include replacing the plywood when they do their estimates and some charge extra.

What About the Drip Edge?

Your roof estimate should mention whether a drip edge needs to be installed on the rakes (the slanting edge of a roof at end wall) and eaves. There are certain instances where your roofs don’t need an around-the-rake structure, but it’s very important that you have one for both lower edges overhanging beyond the house’s exterior walls!

The Roofing System

The Roof Replacement quote should include all items that will be replaced. Including the following, some of which are recommended by the manufacturer like IKO and Certainteed:

Underlayment is a crucial component to your roof replacement. It provides protection for the surface and can be part of overall warranty system provided by the manufacturer.

Ice and water shield: This thin sheet of material that waterproofs the valleys on your roof from iced-over or flooded out conditions. Your estimate should be specific about what kind they’ll use for this purpose, as different materials offer better protection against various weather elements (i..e., ice versus rain).

Asphalt shingles are an easy, cost effective way to waterproof your home. They come in many styles and colors so you can find one that fits both the style of house as well as its exterior needs; whether it be for protection from water or heat exposure!

The trim installed at the peak where two slopes meet. Your estimate should include what manufacturer and material will be used for Ridge capping, so that it can look great while protecting your home’s roof from potential leaks or damage.

There are many ways that roofing contractors keep their costs down, but one way is by using a standard three-tab shingle. They’ll cut it up and use just enough for starter or ridge capping – which may not be from an official manufacturer! Your estimate won’t include these items if you don’t ask about them specifically; make sure to clarify before getting started with work on your home’s roof!

The Roof Vent

There are two different types of ventilation, active and passive. Active air flow means that outside fresh (or unconditioned) winds will be pulled into your home through an opening system inside while pushing stale, hot attic air outwards where they belong-away from our living space! Passive systems use natural sources like wind to move the interior’s air.

After choosing your ventilation system, you’ll be able to decide on the style of vent that is best for your home. The types of vents include Box Vents, Ridge Vents, and Power Vents.

The type of vent you choose, color and number should be included in your roof replacement estimate.

Flashing- Metal on the Roof

To prevent leaks, a contractor will place the appropriate neoprene boot around each penetration. Your estimate should include the number and type of boots needed. Your estimate should also include any flashing your roof needs. Flashing is metal placed anywhere the shingles joins up against something, such as a wall or chimney and can be reused if it’s in good shape.

The Clean Up

The debris from your roof is sure to be a mess after it’s torn off. The weight will cause some pretty heavy lifting. Your roof estimate should not only include the labor it takes but also what’s involved in getting rid of all that debris. If you want your property to be spotless, then make sure the labor and time it takes for nails or missed roofing debris is included in every estimate.

The Warranty

When you invest in a roof replacement especially in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and other lower mainland cities, it’s important to know what your warranty options are. Your estimate should include the type and maximum length of warranties that will be provided with this roof replacement.

Restrictions on the Roof Estimate

Your contractor will provide you with an estimate once they’ve submitted their proposal. The offer is usually good for 90 days. The clock is ticking, so you need to make a decision about which contractor will best suit your needs. Your estimate should specify how long the offer good for and if it can be extended after 90 days based on price fluctuations of material and labor.

This roof estimate checklist is a great place to start, when you need to get an accurate estimate for your home. This will give you the best idea of what your budget should be and how much time it may take before work can begin on your property. If you’re not sure where to go next, we can help! We have experience working with all types of Vancouver Roofs and know that every installation has its own challenges and nuances that require us to step up our game accordingly!

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