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How to Find a Vancouver Roofer and Keep Them

Ideal Vancouver Roofer

Hiring the right employee is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. It can be difficult to find someone who not only has the skills and expertise you’re looking for, but also fits in with your work culture and company values. In this blog post, we will discuss how to find an ideal Vancouver Roofer. Keep these tips in mind when hiring new staff for your Vancouver roofing company!

Learning Capability

Roofers are important to the success of any roofing company. They need to be able and willing learners who can apply new skills quickly, in order for them to work well on roofs. Someone who is willing and motivated, will get trained easier, even those with prior experience should prepare themselves to learn from other experienced roofers. Learning capability is additionally important in finding a Vancouver roofer because of the safety aspect associated with the career. The roofer needs to be able to take instruction and work safely under the guidance of a supervisor.


It is important that roofing employees have experience in their field. They should know how to use the tools of the trade, and understand the safety procedures involved in roofing. A lack of experience can lead to mistakes which can be costly for you as a roofing contractor and the customer. However, experience will come with time, this is only one key factor, and doesn’t disqualify a candidate. Taking time to get to know your potential employees can help ensure that both you and the roofer are on the same page.


One of the most important qualities for a Vancouver roofer is trustworthiness. They need to be honest and reliable, so that customers can count on them to do a good job. They should also be able to work independently, without needing constant supervision and be quick thinkers. Doing so will help them find better ways to complete their work safely, boosting your profit margin.

Customer Focus

It is important for vancouver roofers to be able to focus on the needs of their customers. They need to understand what will make a customer happy, to go above and beyond of what is required in order to gain return business. Also, a vancouver roofer should be able to handle difficult customer situations in a professional manner, regardless of how they feel personally about the situation. They should not take anything that the customer says personally; they should remain focused on finding an amicable solution that makes both sides happy (if possible). This initial round of hired staff will be the backbone of your vancouver roofing company, so it is important to get things started off on the right foot.


A vancouver roofer‘s attitude can mean the difference between success or failure. They should be positive, upbeat and motivated to do their best work. A roofer with a positive attitude will boost the morale of their coworkers and make them want to work harder for you. An upbeat, energetic worker can often accomplish more than someone who is negative or apathetic. A person’s attitude can be much more important than their technical skills. Many people are experts at what they do, but if their attitude isn’t right, then it’s not worth having them around. Some companies require their employees to complete a personality assessment before they hire them. This process helps managers determine if the applicant has the right personality and attitude for the job.

Vancouver Roofers on the roof in Vancouver
Vancouver Roofers on the roof in Vancouver

Safety First!

Find roofing employees who take safety seriously. Safety is a top priority when it comes to roofing jobs, and a roofer who has a history of getting injured or putting others in danger when on the job may not be well suited for your company. Train your vancouver roofers that there are certain procedures they should go through in order to ensure safety. For example, roofs tend to be slippery places, so it’s important that employees slip-proof their footwear beforehand. Having a roofer who isn’t focused on safety, can lead to safety risks of other employees, especially if they do not have direct supervision. Having a roofer who is dedicated to staying safe will help you avoid injuries at your Vancouver location!

Technologically Savvy

Hire roofing employees who can quickly pick up new technologies. If you own a Vancouver Roofing Company, your business will likely be using the newest and best equipment and materials like Paragon Roofing BC. Roofers who are willing to work with new technologies can make invaluable additions to your team because they will always be up-to-date on the latest products and techniques. If you find a roofer who is already familiar with the special equipment required to handle certain roofing projects, this could reduce start-up time and training costs.

How To Retain Vancouver Roofing Talent

One way to keep good workers around is by promoting loyalty. This can be done in a number of ways, such as offering them job security, letting them know they are appreciated, and giving them opportunities for growth. Let’s go through them!

Job Security

Offering job security is important not just for roofers but also for your Vancouver Roofing company. It establishes trust between management and roofers, even if they are only temporary hires. If someone feels secure in their spot on the team, they will be more likely to stay with you long-term instead of leaving once something better comes along.

Promote Appreciation

We all want to know that our hard work is appreciated. There are many ways business owners can show appreciation for their employees. This could be through cash bonuses, gift cards, or simply saying thank you. Showing your roofers how much you appreciate them will encourage them to stay on the job and continue putting in 110%.

Create Opportunities for Growth

If employees feel like they have career paths within the company by allowing them opportunities for advancement, this can keep workers loyal as well as motivate them to continue putting in their best effort! The best roofers in vancouver are always trying to grow and learn new things about roofs. If you consistently offer your employees opportunities for growth, they will be more likely to stay with you long-term. When hiring a vancouver roofer, make sure the ideal candidate is the type of person who is willing to take on challenges and learn new skills.

Learn From Them

Hiring new staff can be difficult, especially if you have a specific set of skills in mind. Your current employees will probably have experience working with other roofers– why not ask for their opinion? If they are familiar with the trade, you might consider having them interview potential employees to see how compatible they are with your company’s work environment. Not only is this a great way to screen applicants, but it also provides valuable feedback for you as the employer! This may help your business save time and money in hiring and training processes down the line. After all, good hiring practices start with good employee management. Constructive criticism is a key part of any workplace, but it can be difficult to deliver effectively. When done correctly, however, it can help your employees learn and grow. Here are a few tips for delivering constructive criticism in a way that will be helpful:

Make sure you actually listen to what the person has to say. Too often, people are so busy formulating their response that they don’t actually listen to the person they’re criticizing. This can lead to misunderstandings and frustration on the part of the employee.

Be specific about what you didn’t like or what could be improved. Criticism is most effective when it’s specific, so it’s best to avoid vagueness.

Keep your criticism constructive rather than personal or insulting.

It can be difficult to find team members who not only has the skills and expertise you’re looking for, but also fits in with your work culture and company values. In this blog post we will discussed how to find an ideal roofing employee. Keep these tips in mind when hiring new roofers for your Vancouver roofing company!

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