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Burnaby Village Museum

The Burnaby Village Museum is a 10 acre heritage site located in the heart of Burnaby, British Columbia. It is open to the public seasonally, and free of charge. This museum offers a variety of activities, including a carousel, a scavenger hunt, and a gift shop. There are also seasonal events and special exhibits.


Burnaby Village Museum is operated by the Municipality of Burnaby. The village is an open air museum, resembling a small pioneer village in British Columbia. In addition, the museum houses over 50,000 artifacts. You can walk through the buildings, visit the gardens, and ride a restored 1912 Interurban Tram. Located near Deer Lake and Burnaby Art Gallery, the museum is in the heart of Burnaby’s historic district.


The main goal of the Burnaby Village Museum is to preserve and share the history of the City of Burnaby and its surrounding areas. This includes the presence of Indigenous people. To honor this important aspect of local history, the Museum has installed a matriarch’s garden and hired a full time Indigenous educator.


Burnaby Museum is a unique historical resource for the City of Burnaby. It is one of the few places that offers visitors a glimpse of the area’s early history. These days, the Museum is working on a number of exhibits, including a cedar grove and an exhibit on the Chinese Canadians in Burnaby. They are also working on an Indigenous History and Reconciliation Project.


As well as the historical buildings, the Burnaby Museum is home to a restored 1912 Interurban Tram, an old ice cream parlour, and an antique Vancouver streetcar train. You can also ride on a reversible seat to face forward. A costumed interpreter will help you understand the history of the museum, and will make you feel welcome. Some buildings are not wheelchair accessible, but there are a number of interpreters who can guide you through the Village.


The Burnaby Village Museum hosts a wide range of activities for children. Kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt, learn more about the history of the area, and take a ride on a carousel. Other special events include crafts, face painting, and special kid’s days. Visitors can also watch a documentary about labour from the past.


Many of the historic buildings in the Village were built for a specific purpose, or are replicas of other buildings. For example, the Royal Oak Garage is modelled after a 1925 garage/gas station on Kingsway. Another building, the Burnaby Post, is based on a building that once served as a weekly newspaper.


While the Village is only open a few months each year, it is still worth visiting. With its historic buildings, authentic costumes, and informative displays, it is easy to imagine yourself strolling through a pioneer community of 19th century BC.


Burnaby Museum is an excellent historical resource for the residents of the City of Burnaby, and is a fun and interesting way to experience the city’s history. It’s worth a trip to this unique, open-air museum.

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