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Benefits of Getting Your Roof Replaced

When your roof is correctly installed, it should last for about three decades. You are likely searching for a new one now because of this – but do not underestimate how essential the selection process is! Choosing the best material and design to match your home accurately can be just as necessary as redecorating or renovating other aspects of its interior. Homeowners often forget about the state of their roof or put off replacing it because something like marble tile, for example, is much more exciting to invest in. Sure, it’s tempting to spend money on products with visible results that you can enjoy right away; however, a new roof will be one of the most profitable purchases you make as a homeowner. 

If you’re looking at it from an investment standpoint, then a new roof can bring up to 100% return on your money. But other than that, having a new roof provides security and safety for yourself and your family – something flooring alone cannot provide. If you are thinking of a roof replacement for your home, start familiarizing yourself with the benefits as well as what to expect during the replacement process. 

  • Add value: Installing a new roof comes with many advantages, one of which is the financial return on investment you can benefit from. Not only will you likely recoup all your expenses for the project when it’s time to sell your home, but potential buyers are much more likely to be interested in purchasing an abode that doesn’t require any structural repairs– and having a newly installed roof adds appeal! Most homebuyers are drawn to a residence that doesn’t require them to make hefty investments soon after they move in. Installing a new roof on your house can also showcase to potential buyers that you’ve kept up with the maintenance of your property and safeguarded it from weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • Looks: Home decoration and design magazines may not often focus on roofing, yet don’t be deceived. Investing in a new rooftop can significantly increase the curb appeal of any home! A house’s roof makes up an integral part of its external appearance. If your current one is old and decrepit with missing shingles or moss growing on it, then chances are your property looks dated and poorly maintained too. Introducing a contemporary roof to replace it however will make your residence look invitingly modern – providing you with the perfect opportunity to show off its style potential! By entrusting a respected roofing contractor to design and build your new rooftop, you can easily pick the perfect color, form, and shape of the shingle that will enhance your home’s beauty. With an extensive selection of shades, sizes, and designs available today – it is easier than ever to bring back life into any residence!
  • Energy Efficiency: If your roof has seen better days, it may be time to consider replacing it. Not only are aged shingles more likely to contain gaps and cause air leakage but they were not designed in a way that would repel heat from the house; instead, these outdated materials absorb warmth and transmit it into the home. Investing in a new roof can help keep your family comfortable all year round! Today’s shingles aren’t just for keeping your house dry; they can also help reduce the heat that enters your home. Several shingle options available now are created to repel solar heat from the sun, ultimately reducing how much work a home’s HVAC system has to do to keep it cool and comfortable during those hot summer days. Allowing homeowners with these modern roof materials to save money on energy bills as their systems don’t have to expend extra resources cooling down an overheated interior space! Not only does the technology behind today’s shingles contribute to energy savings, but so does their color and design. Darker-colored shingles absorb more warmth from the sun than lighter ones do, resulting in a bigger bill for you. By replacing your current roof with one that has light-hued and energy-efficient materials, it can significantly reduce these expenses.
  • Safety: Your roof isn’t only meant to keep water out it’s also there to protect your home from outside elements like debris, falling trees, and wind. But as time passes by, that same roof can lose its stability and strength due to age or abuse. Even if you don’t notice any signs of damage from the exterior aspect, an aging rooftop is still susceptible when faced with a challenge- potentially leading up to a collapse! Putting off maintenance for too long could be detrimental; addressing issues now will ensure the safety of your home in the future. Taking preventive action by replacing an aging roof is the best way to ensure that your home remains sturdy and protected against harsh weather conditions, especially if you’re situated in a storm-prone area or one known for its strong winds.
  • Peace of mind: If you have an aging roof, rather than feeling anxious when there are thunderstorms or strong winds outside your home, you can take steps to protect your loved ones by getting a reliable new roof. Additionally, if you choose to work with a reputable roofing company for installation and maintenance of the new roof then it is likely that it will come with a warranty from the manufacturer too – this could range between 25-50 years! The warranty would provide peace of mind as it protects against any possible damage caused due to breakage in materials used etc. To guarantee the quality of your roof, it is imperative to select a reliable and experienced roofing installation company. Not only does this provide you with lasting protection for your home, but also gives one peace of mind knowing that their investment was made correctly from the get-go. Spending extra money on an expert helps avoid any erroneous costs later down the road due to hiring someone who isn’t qualified in the field. 

Paragon Roofing is the area’s premier roof replacement company! Our team of knowledgeable and experienced roofers is expert in their field, with years of expertise to back them up. We specialize in providing quality workmanship that will stand the test of time, all while keeping customer satisfaction our top priority. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a brand-new roof for your home – one that you can depend on for years to come!

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