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Before installing a cedar shake roof, you need to consider a few factors

Cedar wood shake roofs are one of the most traditional forms of roofing. They have been used in North America for centuries. There are many benefits to using them. It can provide you with a rustic look, and it is also very weather resistant. However, they are also very expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Before installing a cedar shake roof, you need to consider a few factors. This will include whether you want to live in a humid or cold climate. Also, consider whether the cedar shakes you choose are fire retardant. Some are not.

If you have a rustic house or a cottage, it may be best to install a wood shake roof. They are very attractive, and they will protect your home from all types of weather. A cedar shake roof will last for about 30 years, but you will have to perform regular maintenance to keep it looking great.

Choosing a quality roof can be difficult, especially with wooden shingles. The cost of buying them is higher than asphalt shingles, and they can be expensive to install.

When you do decide to have a wood shake roof installed, make sure to choose a local contractor who is experienced and reputable. Make sure to ask about their warranties.

You should also be aware that if you live in Denver, the city has stopped allowing them to be installed. In addition, it is a fire hazard.

You should also remember that if you live in a humid area, your shingles will deteriorate more quickly. Fortunately, you can avoid this by keeping your roof clean. Leaves and other debris will block the water from running off.

Maintaining a Cedar Wood Shake Roof

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